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  • Intense Smoothness
  • Tame rough and frizzy hair
  • Instant deep moisturizer
  • Vibrant shiner
  • Repairs dry hair

Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

Now let those locks loose with a glamorous hair look. ALIKSAR “To the Rescue anti-frizz serum” breaths life to the dry and rough hair, gives it intense smoothness that lasts all day long. This serum not only tame rebellious rough and frizzy hair but also provides it with instant deep moisturization with the goodness of pure nature. The serum is infused with cocoa thus provides the hair with vibrant shine.


Coconut oil, Cocoa and Minerals.


Pour 2-3 drops of the serum on your palm (drops may vary according to your hair length). Pat spread the serum evenly between your fingers. Apply the serum on damp hair by thoroughly running your fingers through hair length. At last, set the frizz on the top of your head with the help of leftover serum on your fingertips.

(30 ml/ 1.1 oz)


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