• Cleanse and purify your skin
  • Keep skin healthy and youthful
  • Prevents breakouts and acne
  • Removes dirt buildup
  • Eliminates irritation and rashes

Cleansing Milk

But first Cleanse! Knowing that cleansing is the most important and crucial step in skincare, ALIKSAR brought you RE-VIVE cleansing milk with all natural and 100% pure ingredients. Cleanse and purify your skin on daily basis with saffron and vitamins infusion to keep it healthy and youthful. This cleansing milk prevents breakouts, acne, product and dirt buildup, clogged pores, irritation, rashes and many other skin problems.


Aqua, Dead sea minerals, Saffron, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and more natural goodness.


Apply a good quantity of RE-VIVE cleansing milk on your cotton wipes and gently wipe off the makeup and grime, moving the wipes in upward motion lifting up the debris off of skin.
You may need to double cleanse in case of heavy makeup on.

(100 ml / 3.5 oz)


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